Data Recovery

Data Recovery

There is nothing more frustrating then having your computer fail and all your documents and pictures are inaccessible. Fortunately we have data recovery experts that can help. We can have one of our experts onsite quickly to diagnose the issue and in many cases we will be able to get your data back.

Data recovery comes in many degrees of difficulty. If a unit is physically damaged (clicking or humming) it is very difficult to retrieve the data. Let our experts help you determine what is the best course of action. We will access the data damage and devise a custom recovery plan for you.

Data Recovery Service

  • Diagnose drive or media containing data to be recovered
  • Recover files that were accidentally deleted from a working drive, hidden by┬áminimal use after data loss, or lost because a working drive was reformatted
  • Recover files lost due to file system corruption, light mechanical errors, or if the files were deleted and overwritten by continued use of the hard drive
  • Recover files from a failed or physically damaged drive, or lost due to severe issues with the file system or software

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